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Welcome to Saly Factory.

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First of all we would like to welcome to you Saly Factory.

You might have ended up here on out forum if came from, or checked out what the URL does? It doesn't matter how you ended up on here, you are welcome to join us on our adventures!

Who or what is Saly factory?
We are a group of friends working on a Roleplay server for GTA V. The mod that makes this possible is FiveM. (Go check it out and download the client.) The plans we have for this server will be posted later on with more detail in this section as well. our overall plan is to be different then all the other servers. Have unique addons and play in a different way then just drive around, shoot people and get arrested (or not). More info will be annouched soon, So keep an eye out for that.

Wat makes already special
Something that’s already different over most communities that host FiveM servers is that they don't have a site, and just do everything with discord. One of the...