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Jul 21, 2018
First of all we would like to welcome to you Saly Factory.

You might have ended up here on out forum if came from, or checked out what the URL does? It doesn't matter how you ended up on here, you are welcome to join us on our adventures!

Who or what is Saly factory?
We are a group of friends working on a Roleplay server for GTA V. The mod that makes this possible is FiveM. (Go check it out and download the client.) The plans we have for this server will be posted later on with more detail in this section as well. our overall plan is to be different then all the other servers. Have unique addons and play in a different way then just drive around, shoot people and get arrested (or not). More info will be annouched soon, So keep an eye out for that.

Wat makes already special
Something that’s already different over most communities that host FiveM servers is that they don't have a site, and just do everything with discord. One of the examples is that I personally have always found that discord can be a big mess when it comes to helping people out with their bugs and other issues. That’s where the support section on the forum comes in. Every topic made in that section is also posted on discord in the #support-search channel. The reason we do this is that someone can search discord or the forums for similar issues and hopefully find a fix. This way the staff has more time making sure everyone keeps playing nice and don’t have to answer the same questions over and over. Some of you might say that forums like these are outdated. or not used anymore. but I think that a forum like how we have set it up and discord can be great tools of each other to make this a successful and streamlined community and just keep information clear for everyone.

I also know making another account for yet another forums can be a hassle. That’s why we help you out when you need to register. Instead of going through a default registration form there is an option to login with steam or discord instead. this makes making an account way quicker. If you don't want to do this yet you can always add a steam or discord account later on.

Instead of having multiple google docs that are posted in a discord, we have a wiki full of information about the server, the commands, the cars, the guns and how you play on the server. Instead of not knowing what document you need you can easily search the forum/wiki for answers. (at this moment we are still writing wiki parts. Also you can help us out writing the wiki, all you have to do is login and click in wiki. navigate to a page you want to edit or create a new one)

A big change we make on in game stuff compared to most FiveM servers is that money can buy you everything. including bit apartments, super cars, guns etc. When you play with us money can’t buy you everything. For example when you want to have a super car, you need a special part. You can only win these special part in weekly events we will be organizing on the server.

What happend to Blockmadness you ask?
You might have typed in and ended up on this website, Or used another old url. Well I decided it’s for the best to retire the name Blockmadness. For a new community that name Blockmadness just sounded too minecraft related and so was the logo we had.
This was posted on the Blockmadness Discord on the 27th of july.
@everyone Blockmadness officially passed away on July 23rd 2018. I'm stopping under the name Blockmadness. Reasons for this is that it’s too Minecraft related. We' re currently building up a server for FiveM. this also includes a new discord under a new name. Blockmadness will now be known as SalyFactory. With the changed comes a new fresh forum. No ported accounts. So if you want to use the forum again you have to sign up again. Or login with discord or steam. If you're interested on where this is going. Join the new discord or check out the website


I've had a wondaful time running Blockmadness. But it’s time to step away from this.

What’s next:
When we have this server up and running its time to build a community, get players, get nice people to talk to. This is why in the future we won’t be only doing FiveM. Because most code is done in LUA for the server addons, and our developers will know the language from the inside out its also interesting to get into Gmod or Teamfortress 2, because these servers are also written in LUA. Now this is future music but definitely on our roadmap.
Our roadmap will be posted soon as well!

Do you need any staff?
For now we don’t need any staff yet, as we are still developing this server. staff will be picked when players are active. To avoid situations where people just want to get power and apply for staff for that reason we are hand picking staff based on how they act, and how active they are on the servers. Soon applications will open for beta testers for the server. once again join our discord to stay updated.

Where is this discord?:
You can find our discord at the discord tab at the top. Or click this link:

Blockmadness is now Saly Factory
We will be hosting a FiveM server very soon.
We are planning on being a different RP server then the usual RP server.
We have plans for other things then just FiveM
And join our discord
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