Discord/Teamspeak Rules

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  • Last update: 28-07-2018
    Our staff is working a lot to make sure everything runs smoothly, same for the Emergency services that play on the server.
    We're very busy and try our best but we can sadly enough never be everywhere at once, stay patient and stay respectful!

    This means:
    Do not be abusive in any way
    Be nice and patient, it's not that hard.
    Don’t troll

    2: Post content in the correct channels

    You should at all times post content in the correct channel. You may not go off topic in any text channels except #all_chat_room and #pictures_memes_video. If you are seen doing so you will be warned or even muted if found repeating the same mistakes.

    3: No advertising

    You are not allowed to advertise any sort of community, site, or poll on the discord. Doing so can get you kicked or banned.

    Do not:

    • Post invite links to other Discord or forum communities without asking for admin permission, PM’ing users of the Discord or Teamspeak can get you kicked/banned as well
    • Ask for people to fill in a poll to benefit any cause without asking for admin permission, PM’ing users of the Discord or Teampseak can get you kicked/banned as well
    • Post referral links to benefit you into winning something
    • Advertise other people’s streams

    4: No spam

    Do not:

    • Tag everyone or use @here or @everyone
    • Spam text chats regarding an issue you have or spam any chat as a whole
    • Mic spam in any voice chat
    • Spam the report form to try getting someone banned
    • channel hop. This is also classed as spam.

    5: No private info

    Do not:

    • Post any kind of private information regarding current location, passwords, or personal names of anyone
    • Post pictures of videos someone within the discord without having consent
    • Post pictures or videos of someone’s relatives or friends AT ANY TIME

    6: No nude or explicitly violent content

    Do not:

    • Post nude content
    • Post any content that can be classified as ‘gore’
    • Set your avatar on Teamspeak or Discord as something deemed NSFW or violent

    7: Administrative rulings/instructions

    You may at no time at all ignore an administrative ruling or instruction. Not following an administrative ruling or instruction can get you banned from the Discord and/or Teamspeak. If you have an issue with an administrative ruling you may contact another admin and explain your issue there. Do not argue with the same admin when the ruling or instruction is given.
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