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  • General server rules:

    Our staff is working a lot to make sure everything runs smoothly, same for the Emergency services that play on the server.
    We're very busy and try our best but we can sadly enough never be everywhere at once, stay patient and stay respectful!

    This means:
    Do not swear out of character to people.
    Do not go over the limit with being an asshole in-character.
    Do not be abusive in any way.
    Be nice and patient, it's not that hard.

    2: Use of chats/microphone.

    Make sure before joining the server that you have a working microphone since it is required on the server.


    • Use /twt to advertise services or sales.
    • Use /twt to communicate locations between players.
    • Use /report when someone is actively breaking server rules. ( mass RDM/VDM’ing, mic spamming, etc.)
    Do not:
    • Complain in /ooc about an RP situation going wrong.
    • Abuse /report or spam it to gain the attention of admins.
    • Use /report when the situation has already ended. (Small count of RDM/VDM, breaking FearRP, etc.)

    3: RDM/VDM
    You are not allowed to kill another player without valid reason/without initiating properly. (More on that later) You are not allowed to use your vehicle as a deadly machine.

    4: Cheats
    It is not allowed to make use of any 3rd party program that can give you an advantage over others, found doing so will be a permanent ban with no chance of appeal.

    5: Bug abuse
    You are not allowed to use any sort of bug that can be used to duplicate, or essentially spawn money, found doing so will be a permanent ban. If you have found a new bug that can essentially be used to dupe items, you can contact an admin THROUGH PM’S to notify him/her and you’ll receive a reward. (Only when the bug has not been seen before)

    6: Impossible clothing combinations
    You are not permitted to use clothing that can cause some bodyparts to go invisible.

    7: Vehicles and driving:

    Do not:
    • Steal/drive emergency, army, or air-type vehicles, unless authorized to do so by an admin.
    • Drive up hills/go off-road with non-off-road vehicles.
    • Drive recklessly (Smashing against NPC’s, Road signs, street lights, other NPC cars) without having a proper reason to drive dangerously. (Street race, in a pursuit, etc)
    • Use ramps at any given time.
    • Launch yourself off of objects on any kind of bike.

    8: Jobs (Specifically PD, EMS, and Taxi)

    • If you are in the police force and want to go off-duty to play as a civilian, you need to choose another job or even set yourself as unemployed. Contact admins to whitelist you back to police
    • If you are EMS you may stay whitelisted even you are off duty. In some situations, you can RP to help other people or the police. DO NOT abuse this, to help your friends while in an RP situation (else we will enforce the same rule as police). Do not help anyone who is declared dead.
    • If you are a taxi driver, you are forced to drive a Taxi car. There is no uber.
    • Police can choose to become corrupt, however, if they want to sell guns illegally they will have to get admin permission first.

    9: Gangs
    • Maximum of 5 people per criminal organization. If a faction is found exceeding this limit admins get to decide who gets kicked.
    • Maximum of 5 people per heist/robbery. If found exceeding this limit all people involved in the crime will get punished

    10: Discord is not related to RP
    The discord text channels are in no way connected to the in-game server, however, you can use the discord chats to come in contact with a certain service or organization.

    11: Metagaming
    Communicating information that your character does not know to others, sharing information via /me or /do that other characters would not feasibly be able to see or otherwise interpret, sharing out-of-character information through an in-character medium, or taking in-character action based on information gained from an out-of-character source are all classified as metagaming. Only authorized legal organizations are permitted to use TeamSpeak for in-character communication.

    12: AFK’ing
    You are not allowed to AFK for longer than 10 minutes. This is to combat paycheck farming and filling up the server unnecessarily.

    13: Administrative instructions/ruling
    • Players have the right to ignore other players' out-of-character discussions if they wish. However, players are not permitted to ignore administrators’ communication or rulings. While you are banned from the game server, the Discord server, the forums, etc., you are not allowed to register another account or use an alternate account until the ban period has expired. Otherwise, your other account may also be banned and your original ban extended. Do not lie to a staff member about anything related to Saly Factory RP. This includes in-game matters, the forum, Discord, TeamSpeak, or any other entity relating or belonging to Saly Factory RP.

    Do not:

    • Lie in a report or ticket regarding your vehicle, assets, weapons, ammo, drugs, or any other item that you can obtain in game
    • Attempt to mislead a staff member by creating a fallacy simply to gain an advantage or abuse OOC mediums such as vehicle teleports or asset refunds.
    • Falsify videos, screenshots, recordings or other pieces of evidence in refund requests, player complaints, staff complaints, or any other OOC reporting method.

    RP situational rules

    1: Finishing RP
    Failing to roleplay is strictly forbidden. Saly Factory is a roleplay server; you're expected to be roleplaying at all times. If a situation presents itself where rules are broken, roleplay first, report later. You are expected to use script features to assist in roleplay. You are not allowed to kill your character, log off or forcibly re-spawn to avoid situations. If you have to log off but you are in the middle of a roleplay situation, you will need to get permission from all parties involved before doing so. If you commit a crime, you must wait twenty minutes prior to logging off.

    Do not:
    • Avoid answering a player who asks you why you killed them.
    • Spam someone in order to avoid roleplaying with them simply because it doesn't fit your character's agenda.
    • Forcibly respawn before the RP scenario has finished.
    • Log out before finishing the RP scenario

    2: Safezones
    You are NOT allowed to commit any violent act within safezones. Violent acts include Murder, robbery, kidnapping, breakouts, and vandalism.

    Safezones are:
    • All PD’s, including the state prison.
    • The money laundering location.
    • Any active hospitals

    3: Follow RP commands

    Means, that if someone says you are disarmed, and someone took your guns, you cannot use your weapons anymore. And similar situations. To take someone’s guns or communications you must do so in a /me, e.g. /me takes weapons and communications

    Do not
    • Pull a weapon after being searched and stripped for guns
    • Share your location with friends through an OOC medium when you are stripped off of communication during a kidnapping

    4: Offensive roleplay
    You are not permitted to roleplay sexual acts, detailed acts of torture or dismemberment, cannibalism, or other extremely morbid activities without the express out-of-character consent of all participants. If you do end up getting permission, that permission can be withdrawn at any time. The roleplay must take place in private, far away from where any individuals who have not given their consent for this type of roleplay might innocently enter. You are not allowed to roleplay as a racist as a means to justify the spouting of racial slurs.
    If at any time you revoke your permission for Offensive Roleplay, or if it is being forced upon you without your permission being given, you may log out to avoid this roleplay. Please report alerting the administration team before you do so.

    Do Not:
    • Perform offensive roleplay without first obtaining the consent of all parties involved.
    • Continue offensive roleplay after a consenting party has withdrawn their consent.
    • Perform any sexual roleplay or roleplay containing sexual innuendos in a public place.
    • Roleplay as a racist to justify constant spouting of racial slurs.

    5: Initiation
    You must at all times have a proper reason to commit an extremely violent crime against another player and must ALWAYS initiate properly, exceptions can be made for hit contracts.

    Do not:

    • Initiate through /twt
    • Use any OOC conversations as a means to hurt/kill another player’s character

    6: Kidnapping

    It is NOT ALLOWED to spree kidnap! That means that you don’t run around kidnapping people over and over again. Kidnapping should be a full out RP scenario, which happens rarely. Not an assembly line task.

    Do not:

    • Kidnap a cop when there are 3 or less on-duty
    • Kidnap an EMS worker when there is only 1 on duty
    • Kidnap more than once an hour
    • Murder the kidnapped after handing over their items/ ransom money being paid

    7: Value your life
    If someone points a gun at you, you have to comply. Do not try to draw your gun and shoot at them. Unless you are for example behind cover and have a very realistic chance to get out. You may, however, pull a gun after being properly RP’ed through a /me, e.g. /me reaches for the gun holster.

    Do not:

    • Pull a gun when a gun has been pulled towards you
    • Try to punch the assailant even when you’re at arm’s reach
    • Run away from a gunman, you can’t outrun a bullet


    • Take out a gun when you were able to get behind cover without having to run away from the gun barrel
    • Pull a gun after RP’ing so through a /me action

    8: Death

    If you are killed by a player or a group of players, you will forget everything involving your character and the opposing character(s) in that situation. If you are killed in an area that is not crucial to your character (house, or job), you may not return there for 30 minutes. If you kill another player by a PK, you must roleplay as you’ve killed them.
    Do not:
    • Track down the individual(s) responsible for your character's death (you lost memory of the situation).
    • Utilize your gang affiliation or motives as a means to enact revenge on your killer(s).
    • Have one of your friends or associates track down your killer(s) and take revenge on them.

    9: Involvement in RP situations
    If you don't have anything to do with a roleplay scenario don't force yourself into it.

    Do not:

    • Take action when you see someone being kidnapped by attacking the kidnappers or even trying to help the kidnappers
    • Lurk near police cases i.e. traffic stops or arrests to see what’s going on. When you see police involved in a situation you simply go past them or go the other way, unless you have direct involvement in the issue like being a witness

    10: Scamming/Stealing/Ransoming


    • Max 30k cash or inventory worth per scam
    • Hostage situation =/= scamming situation


    • Max 15k cash or inventory worth per robbery attempt per victim
    • You can NOT kill the person you’re robbing unless they outright refuse to hand over items, resist heavily or attempt to do harm
    • You can NOT drag a player out of their car to just steal it, stealing a personal vehicle should at all times be RP’ed properly


    • Max 15k cash PER hostage
    • Once the ransom has been paid they HAVE to be released, you are NOT allowed to kill off the hostage after the ransom being paid

    11: Powergaming
    A player can be described as a PowerGamer if he or she presumes or declares that his or her own action against another player character is successful without giving the other player character the freedom to act on his or her own decisions.

    Do not

    • Force actions upon a player.
    • Fail to allow a player to roleplay their own actions.
    • Use items which you haven’t physically obtained.
    • Act superhuman.

    12: Police Chases
    When being pulled over by a cop you can NOT get out of your car and kill the cop, this is seen as RDM. When being pursued by cops you are allowed to take out the cars by shooting out tires/engine, this will be however seen as attempted murder and give the cops the right to take you down with all means necessary and can get you jailed for longer for attempted murder of a state cop. The cops are only authorized to use deadly force when their or other’s lives are in danger.

    Do not

    • Kill a cop just because you’re being pulled over or being pursued
    • (For cops) Kill someone when they’re not imposing a direct threat to anyone’s life
    • Bait cops into chasing you for ‘the fun of it’

    13: Emergency services
    Medics may not help anyone during a robbery where the police are involved, the scenario has to end first. (Otherwise, this will give police officers an unlimited supply of units) Everyone needs to be patient with all emergency services, they cannot be everywhere at once. So if you die and call an EMS and they do not show up you MUST respawn yourself, you suffer the consequences of your own actions.

    14: Unacceptable roleplay characters
    A player name must be unique and realistic. You may not use the name of a famous person in real life or from history, nor may you use the name of an easily recognizable or already existing character from any form of fiction. Joke/pun names in the form of first names, last names, or combinations of first and last names are likewise unacceptable.

    No player or organization is permitted to have “contract killing” as their sole focus unless granted permission from the administration of the server (E.g. You can be a contracted killer on full-time basis ONLY if you are approved by admins).
    Specific players or members of organizations may be able to participate in contract killing. Such members must be vetted and approved by organization staff. Every assassination should be roleplayed properly and have a good roleplay reason for it. Stupid and not strong enough reasons for assassinating is only allowed with permission of server admins and should be done within roleplay. Example - You roleplaying a crazy gang boss under drugs and want to assassinate a cook in a restaurant for a not tasty hamburger.

    Roleplaying as terrorists, separatists, intelligence agency members, private military, federal or foreign government employees, or similar avenues of roleplay (individually or in organizations) that would require entities such as the state or federal government to intercede is explicitly forbidden since those entities are not generally present in the server.

    Do Not:
    • Declare a portion of the map an independent country, prompting an unending conflict with police
    • Roleplay as any kind of terrorist organization
    • Create an elite clandestine spy organization
    • Roleplay as a federal agent and demand recognition by local police
    • Roleplay a character under the age of 16
    • Have contract killings as a sole purpose unless given permission by admins
    • Roleplay celebrities or make use of joke names

    15: Destroying property

    In order to heavily damage or destroy a property, you must have permission from the head admins and the business owner(s). Your justification for destroying a property must be solid and well-explained, and admins must supervise your roleplay for the duration of the

    Do Not:
    • Roleplay destroying a property without first consulting an admin and receiving authorization
    • Use a business within 2 days after it being ‘destroyed’
    • Purposefully kill anyone because they're located at the property.

    16: Locations
    The knowledge of secret locations should always be sold and is never allowed to be metagamed. You HAVE to pay at least 100k in cash for the money laundering location. Found sharing the location without payment is seen as metagaming.

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